Primos PS351 Randy Anderson Hot Dog Open Call Birds/Cottontails/Deer/Fawns/Jack Rabbits/Pups Sounds Attracts Coyotes Brown

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This Primos Hot Dog is one bad dog. Its mouthpiece detaches from the horn to sound like two distinctly different coyotes. This will give you the edge during mating season and battling over territorial boundaries. It's also versatile enough to create distress calls of birds, cottontails, jackrabbits, pups, fawns and deer. This large howler's mouthpiece alone creates smooth sounding howls. The horn adds rasp and volume to your calling. It includes an instructional mini CD.

Type Predator Call
Species All Predators
Sound Species Coyote
Electronic No
Color Clear/Red
Style Hand
Calls Predator
Difficulty Level
Preset Features
Hands Free
Compatible With