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Whether you are searching for the best home defense gun, shotgun, revolver, hunting rifle, or a fun firearm for a day at the range -TAAP Outdoors has got you covered.

We bring you purpose-built firearm products that promise no-nonsense solutions to meet the ongoing dynamic challenges in the field.

Shop real muscular engines of high performance

Whether you are into gunsmithing or vintage firearm projects, you can shop factory-original parts that are hard to source anywhere else, for quick upgrades and repairs. Our team works dedicatedly to hand-pick every firearm and tactical item that best leverages technology to improve the milestones of performance.

Browse through our wide range of handguns, rifles, black powder, combo, receivers, revolvers, tactical rimfire guns, AR parts, and other tactical top branded firearms that are equipped with special features you won't find anywhere else.

Buy OEM products from brands like Daniel Defense, Beretta, Glock, Leupold, DPMS, Ruger, and many others.

But what makes TAAP everyone's first choice?

Our team is comprised of some of the most experienced hunters, shooters, and competitors -working relentlessly to bring you modern firearms stripped of gimmickry and pretense.

While you are here, you might also want to catch exclusive deals and discounts available on our other product categories including ammunition, camping and outdoor, knives, and tools, watercraft, and fishing to pick items that can level up the performance of your firearm. 

Whether you use our products for competitive and recreational shooting, fishing, hunting, or self-defense, every item is designed to give you an edge. Shop today and experience the TAAP difference. For more details, call +440 965 1028.

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