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Shop leading Ammunition brands at unbeatable prices

TAAP Outdoors is Ohio's leading ammunition retailer. Whether you are looking for hollow point, FMJ, shotshell, black powder, frangible, or armor piercing rounds for your gun, at TAAP Outdoors you can shop from the largest variety of ammunitions available on market.

From plinking to hunting and everything in between, we have got it all

We bring you single boxes and bulk ammunitions from some of your favorite top-shelf brands like Federal, CCI, Aguila, ATA, Barnes, Beretta, Brown Bear, and more. Whether you are a hunter or a target shooter looking for high-quality ammunition in Ohio, TAAP Outdoors brings you a vast range of 10MM, 12GA, 22 LR, 9MM, Rifle, Black Powder, Pistol, Rimfire, Blanks/Slugs, and Shotshell ammo at best prices on the market.

Browse through our extensive collection of rimfire ammunition perfect for plinking and hunting, rifle ammunition for modern sporting rifle cartridges, and rifle and pistol ammunitions best for self-defense and indoor range shooting.

Order Ammunition online or shop in-stores

If you are unable to find what you are looking for on our website or need more details about a specific firearm or any other product, please contact us via phone at +440 965 1028 or drop us an email at, and our expert customer support team will be happy to assist you with the relevant information.

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While you look through all the single boxes and bulk ammunition, you might not want to miss out on exclusive deals on our branded firearms, fishing, watercraft, camping, and outdoor products.